Traveling? Get Some Pronto Plus®!

It's a traveler's nightmare. Small bugs that hide themselves in your suitcases and travel into your home, infesting the house.

Ready..Set..Travel With Pronto Plus®

I know that it's becoming more and more prevalent, even in the nicer hotel chains so I am glad I have a few of the travel size bottles on hand now.

Pronto Plus® Household Spray – Review

It used to be once you entered a hotel room you look around and check out how nice your room. Now the first thing we do is check the bed for bed bugs and dust mites.

“Summer Travel Essentials” Bundle Giveaway

Whether you’re hiking outdoors or planning a hotel retreat, don’t let any pests get the best of your vacation!


Probiotics fight bed bugs? Not really

This article got my attention: If there's one thing that absolutely kills off a good sleep, it's bed bugs, but now scientists have found a new way of getting rid of them - by using yoghurt.

In the War on Bedbugs, a New Attack Strategy

Bedbugs, the seed-size insects that have invaded mattresses, couches and laundry baskets everywhere, are now officially on New York City's hit list.

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