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Identifying Bedbugs 101

It's no secret that bedbugs are running rampant throughout colleges, homes, offices, and hotels across the country.

So Many Treatments, So Little Education

Learning your options is an important first step in eradicating your home of those little critters we have come to know all too well.

Staying Bedbug-Free in the Direct Care Industry

As a direct care worker, it's important to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of bedbugs.

Keep Your Stockings Filled With Gifts, Not Bedbugs

How do we receive online and offline purchases, rent automobiles and travel without infesting our homes or travel destinations this holiday season?

Splash Magazines Lists Pronto Plus in Health and Beauty Goodies

Splash Magazines include Pronto Plus Household and Travel Spray in its listing of health and beauty goodies.

I Have Bedbugs -- Now What?

Everyone is quick to call up a pest control professional and ask the question, "When can you be here? I have bedbugs!"

It’s Bedbug Awareness Month

Explore some of the myths and misconceptions about those little blood sucking friends we're celebrating during the 30 days of September.



Bed Bugs Now Frequent Fliers on Airlines

While most of us are worrying if our flight will be on time and if we remembered to pack enough socks, bed bugs are making their way into our business class seats.

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