Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite, or No One Sleeps Tight

Pronto Plus® and Michael Colongione release 5 tips for staying bedbug-free while traveling this

LANGHORNE, Pa.May 24, 2012—Whether vacationing at the beach, in an exotic country, or at a local theme park, gas prices and airline baggage fees are just the beginning of summer travel woes. For anyone planning travel involving hotels, vacation rentals, airplanes, trains, or rental cars, the chance of encountering bedbugs at one time or another this summer is high.
There are steps, however, to minimize the risk.

Michael Colongione, President of GotchA! Bedbug Inspectors and spokesman for ProntoPlus®, a bedbug spray that effectively kills bedbugs and their eggs on contact, has compiled his list of the top-three tips to enjoy vacation and stay bedbug free:

1) Prior to departure, check any bedbug hotel registries to see if your hotel has been infested. Websites such as and have free, user submitted reports regarding bedbug outbreak and infestations at hotels.

2) Keep all luggage and carry-on bags off the floors and beds and out of the closets. Take advantage of the metal luggage racks in your room, and be sure to place any hanging garments over the bathroom door, rather than hanging in the closet.

3) Once you arrive, conduct a thorough inspection of your rental car and hotel room. Consider using a protective spray, such as Pronto Plus®, a bedbug spray that effectively kills bedbugs and their eggs on contact. Pronto Plus® protects your luggage, in the rental car, and in the hotel room to keep you safe and bedbug-free.

For the full five tips, check out this humorous infotoon about preventing bedbugs while traveling this summer.

"As people come and go this summer, their chance of encountering bedbugs is higher than ever before," says Colongione. "Consumers can take matters into their own hands by staying educated on bedbugs and using sprays like Pronto Plus® to help prevent bedbug infestations. Keeping Pronto Plus® handy while traveling can save you a big headache and eliminate the worry of bringing bedbugs home with you."

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Pronto Plus® bedbug spray is distributed by Insight Pharmaceuticals and effectively kills bedbugs and their eggs on contact. It is available in the household and first aid aisles at most retailers across the country. Pronto Plus® spray is available in a 10oz., 5 oz. or travel-friendly 3oz. size. For more information on how to get rid of bedbugs and how to travel safely this summer, visit

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Michael Colongione is a spokesperson for Pronto Plus®, distributed by Insight Pharmaceuticals.
The advice and opinions he expresses in this article are his own.