Do Bedbugs Like Democrats More Than Republicans?

Pronto Plus® bedbug expert offers political analysis in wake of DNC bedbug fears

Trevose, PA (September 4, 2012) - On Labor Day, The Washington Times reported on concerns of bedbugs at hotels serving the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. The piece further noted that Tampa, FL, site of the recently concluded Republican National Convention, appears to be less-bedbug prone.

The story — found at: — provokes the next hot question in this politically supercharged time — do bedbugs have a political preference?

Perhaps, but not for reasons that are political, said Michael Colongione, President of GotchA! Bedbug Inspectors and a spokesman for one of the leading bedbug treatment and prevention sprays, Pronto Plus®.

"Bedbug outbreaks tend to be concentrated in our urban centers," said Colongione. "So in that sense, they may skew 'Blue'. But it would be wrong to suggest that bedbugs have a political preference. Their preference is for homes and rooms that have not benefited from a proactive bedbug-prevention treatment. And as Democrats tend to favor a more activist agenda, it may be that bedbugs find the laissez-faire attitude of Republicans to be more attractive."

"The bottom line is that bedbugs are bipartisan, and everyone should consider protecting their homes, and treating rooms when they travel, with proven preventive sprays such as Pronto Plus®," said Colongione.

"Our sprays work equally well when sprayed from either the left or the right," added Brad Doyle, Pronto Plus® brand manager. He noted that Pronto Plus® market research indicates that bedbugs have higher unfavorability ratings than either presidential candidate, and nearly as high as that of Congress.

Doyle said Pronto Plus® is making efforts to get samples of its spray to Charlotte to meet the apparent need at the DNC.

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